The strategic location of the airport and its excellent Cargo Operations offer airlines, importers and exporters an opportunity to optimize the transfer of cargo to and from Africa, Europe and Asia. CACC, Egypt’s leading cargo service provider, brings along world-class expertise with premium quality handling and global security standards to Al Alamain International Airport’s cargo village.

The airport’s bonded warehouse facilities guarantee rapid turnaround times and dedicated customs clearance support, while the Airport Zone’s extensive land facilitates future cargo village expansions.

Strategic Significance

Al Alamain International Airport’s location, along Egypt’s northern coastline and directly south of the Dabaa VOR, place it on a primary, uncongested gateway into Africa, at the nearest point to Southern Europe and a mere 2.5-hour flight to/from Central Europe.

The airport’s rapid turnaround times, proximity to the Port of Alexandria and the new rail and road networks bridging the region with Cairo and Ain Sokhna, allow for more flexible and efficient sea-to-air and air-to-sea cargo routing.

CACC, the sole operator of the airport’s cargo village, brings along world-class cargo handling capabilities to the airport's facilities and guarantees the highest quality standards. Cargo airlines exploring new routes would find a promising cargo and logistics hub with great potential to achieve their desired growth plans in Al Alamain International Airport.

Cargo Operations

Cargo Village

The airport’s cargo village, consisting of both an import and export terminal, is located directly on-ramp. The village has bonded warehousing facilities and exclusive areas designated for customs authority and security personnel, guaranteeing efficiency, security and safety. Additionally, the village has designated areas for special cargo handling, including a cool room for perishables and temperature sensitive goods, enabling services for a broad range of commodities.

CACC – Facility Operator

CACC, the leading Egyptian cargo service provider with over 25 years of expertise across the logistics industry is mandated with operating Al Alamain International Airport’s cargo village. CACC employees are trained to the highest industry standards and are required to undergo rigorous ongoing competency and proficiency checks to guarantee safe and seamless cargo handling operations.

CACC's contracted carriers at their main facility in Cairo International Airport include: Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, DHL Aviation and many more.